Gadi Tsadok

Director of the Organization

Mr. Tsadok lives in Jerusalem and has been working with various leading organizations such as JAFI and WBA impacting the Jewish community around the world including head of WBA’s Latin America Desk and head of the department for Long Term Planning.

He was Emissary in Rio de Janeiro, a joint mission of the Jewish Agency and Bnei-Akiva. He also held various educational and managerial positions at Bnei Akiva in Israel. His previous duties include Deputy Manager of “Yashpe”, and head of the Latin America department at Tlalim Corp., organizing educational trips to Israel for tourists from Latin America. Mr. Tsadok holds a BA in Education and a MA in International Business Finance.

He attended Ha’Golan Hesder Yeshiva in Hispin and has completed extensive Torah studies combined with military service. He also attended Yeshiva Netiv Meir. He is married and has four children. He is currently the Director of Nahalat Shay in Modi'in.


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