As Yom Kippur is approaching
the Yeshiva family turns to our friends to give your Kaparot money to the Yeshiva.
To strengthen the Torah study and the keeping of the Yeshiva students.
To raise the future generation, the leadership of the people of Israel.
To continue the Yeshiva's important activity with the secular youth in the Bar Mitzvah program.
In Torah lessons throughout the city.
Assisting in the national effort against the Corona virus.
Transfers can be made easily and conveniently 💰:
1) By the secure link:
2) By bank transfer to the Yeshiva account:
Mizrahi Bank (20), Modiin Branch 521 Account No. 137260 named after Meir and Harel Modiin Community Core
3) With a phone call to Leah: 0528119460
Donations are recognized for tax in Israel (Form 46) and abroad.
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