Saving lives on Shavuot eve
This year on Shavuot, we realized how true it really is when it is said that the Torah
is a 'Torah of Life' -"תּוֹרַת חַיִּים" 

As Shavuot was starting, a bleacher collapsed in the Karlin Hassidim Beit Midrash in Givat Zeev.

More than two hundred people were injured.

A multi-casualty event was announced and the Yeshiva’s medics and paramedics

were called on duty to arrive immediately to help treat the casualties.

The students, who were preparing for the special evening of Torah studying,

hurried to leave the Beit Midrash and traveled to Givat Zeev,

a 15 minute drive to help save lives.

Each of them treated a number of wounded, some of them serious cases.

We were glad to hear that all the wounded were out of danger.

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