Yeshiva alumni gathering
On Tuesday we had a special friends meeting and an uplifting alumni gathering
attended by many alumni from all the 16 Yeshiva classes.
After the initial friend's reunion, with refreshments and of course pictures,
we gathered with the Rabbis in the Old Beit Midrash.
The graduates then joined the eve of the campaign launching.
And brought up memories of the establishment.
Oshri Ben Yaakov (Bozorgi), a representative of the first class -
the founding class, who came all the way from Katzrin,
spoke about the great excitement to see the Yeshiva's development.
Haim Landau, a representative of the ninth class,
who also served as the coordinator of the Bar Mitzvah project,
spoke about the spiritual and personal assets he acquired at the Yeshiva.
In short it was fun to see you all,
and see the joy and excitement in your eyes in the new Yeshiva building
Thank you very much for coming
and with G-d's help and with your help
we will be able to move forward to the Yeshiva building!

Looking forward to hearing from you more and seeing you again soon!

בוגר מחזור אבוגר מחזור טבוגרים בבימ הישן


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