Inspiring Leadership Program

In our Yeshiva we believe that training Jewish leadership is part of a Torah life and an essential need of this generation. We also believe that leadership is built through actions. Therefore we have developed a program that does not simply inspire leadership but also equips our students with the skills required to be a great leader. We believe that building the personality of a Torah

leader includes:
•Learning about inspirational leadership
•Learning special skills required for successful group leading
•Making a connection with the community, volunteering and performing Chessed projects
•Current events and Israel advocacy training

The program includes a leadership skills training course which includes:
Time management Decision making Public speaking
Body language Group building Interpersonal relationships
Leading discussions Project management

Our Students will also be exposed to a current events program where they will receive:
Israel Advocacy training
Debate training
Meetings with Israeli political and military leaders – our students will have the opportunity to meet important and influential members of Israeli society.
"Panim El Panim" (face to face) meetings with local community members and leaders

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