The students enjoy a very rich and meaningful extra curricular activity program.

*Tiyulim – the program offers a monthly half-day-trip with an educational orientation in the footsteps of the Tanach.

We will visit the site of the battle of David and Goliath, the Burma Road, Latrun, Maccabean sites and more...
During the Ben HaZmanim periods there will be tiyulim to Eilat and to the Golan with attractions.

*Shabbatonim – every month there will be a Shabbaton in various communities around the country.

We will visit Tzfat, Ma'alot, the Golan, Jerusalem and more...

In addition there will be Shabbatot Chaver when the overseas boys will be hosted by the Israeli boys, and community Shabbatonim in Modiin.

*The program includes an induction week in the IDF.

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