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This is the second year that the Yeshivat Hesder Modiin holds the 'Legacy Summer Camp' for youth.
The camp is designed to create value-based and experiential activity for youth during vacation and throughout the year in order to channel their free time into activities with value and experience.
About a month and a half ago, a huge fire destroyed 40 of the 50 houses in the community of Mevo Modi'in near Modi'in.
Including agricultural farms and businesses.
Many people enlisted to help and assist the residents who were left without shelter and broke their living conditions. The Garin of the Yeshiva in Modi'in was also enlisted to help.
This week, dozens of Legacy campers enlisted as well to help Mevo Modi'in.
The boys worked energetically to rehabilitate the damaged agricultural farm.
There is not enough manual labor in the field when the sun is beating.
Special Thanks for their cooperation to the Gar'in of the Yeshiva, the regional council Mevo Modii'm and the Hashomer Hadash organization, under the direction of the director of the program and the Yeshiva Michael Lichtenshtein.
Before the start of the activity, Hila, the head of the council's assistance department, shared the experiences of the residents of Mevo Modi'in since the disaster. The Head of the Yeshiva Rabbi Shenvald spoke to the boys about the importance of freedom/ vacation and its benefits and the importance of exploiting the value of contribution to the community, connecting the idea from the weekly Torah portion.
And praised the campers who chose to take advantage of their free time to volunteer and help others.
This activity is only a small part. There is no doubt that rehabilitation of the settlement requires much work and additional volunteers.
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