I גיבעתי 2019
The swearing ceremony of our students in the Armored Corps
On Thursday the inauguration ceremony of our student serving in the Armored Corps took place.
On the Armored Corps site in Latrun.
This is a significant and exciting stage in their military service.
The Yeshiva accompanies the students throughout their service and in this exciting event.
Rosh Yeshiva Rav Shenvald congratulates the students who merit serving in the Israel Defense Forces in this generation of the return of the Jewish people to its land and the establishment of its state.
And are privileged to combine Safra and Seifah and to sanctify Hashem in the earnest manner they serve.
In prayer that we will know no more war and if it is forced upon us, we will show our enemies the power of the people of Israel.
גיבעתי 2019
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