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On Thursday, a Bar Mitzvah event took place in Jerusalem for the welfare children from Ofakim and their parents
Together with Yahaloma from the Hosen Center in Ofakim.
The event began at the Kotel, accompanied by a drummers' circle.
Then, Laying Tefillin, Torah reading, reciting Shema Yisrael and then meeting with Israel Chief Rabbi, Rav David Lau Shlit'a
The Bar Mitzvah Party took place at a Jerusalem restaurant.
Together with Zvi Rom and the Rosh Yeshiva Rav Shenvald.
And ended with a visit to the Israeli Knesset, the Hatikvah was sung in front of the Knesset and with blessings.
This is the sixth year this event is held.
In 2014, we also helped organize Bar Mitzva ceremonies for adults who, in their childhood, did not get a chance to celebrate one, including a Holocaust survivor who never had the opportunity to wear Tefillin before.
This time was very exciting as well ...
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