I looked for mattresses, found a Bar Mitzvah (Zvi the Yeshiva Director)
"I called the mattress store to purchase mattresses for the Yeshiva.
A nice guy answered me and began to take an interest in the destination of the mattresses.
I told him they were for the Hesder Yeshiva in Modi'in.
From that moment on, he did not stop praising it.
He said to me, Listen:
My nephew from a "strictly secular" family did a Bar Mitzvah to their son at the Yeshiva, and it was successful and special.
And just so you know, this young man today learns at the Yeshiva in Elon Moreh.
You are amazing....
Of course I told him,
Ok, "I understand we'll get the mattresses for free"!
I thanked him excitedly for the warm words"
It is important for me to share with you and emphasize the influence that our students, who are loving and dedicated, have on these children.
Yasher Koach!
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