לגסי 2

מחנה לגסי 2מחנה לגסי 2

This week, we started the Machane Legacy with about 60 teenagers for an experiential camp, full with content and experiences.
We visited the audiovisual spectacle in Kfar Etzion and learned about the story of the place, which summarizes history from the Exile and Holocaust to the Rebirth and Building of a new Country.
We slid the longest omega in the Middle East, ate well and enjoyed it very much.
On the second day, we heard a shiur from Rabbi Uriel at the Kiryat Ono Yeshiva, and we heard a lecture about the legacy of battle and heroism.
We had a good meal and played "Paintball".
Two more days passed, as we went up north for water sports, with so many adventures, all with content and experiences to tell.
It was amazing and are already waiting for next years' camp.
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