On Tuesday evening, members of the Pensioners' Kollel of the Yeshiva, about 100 men and women, gathered to celebrate the  The evening with a special meal was a tribute to the teachers who devoted their time to teaching voluntarily and diligently throughout the years of its existence.

Rabbi Ze'ev Goldfischer, who organized the evening, noted the perseverance of Rabbi Yedidia Kahana and Rabbi Kopeld who have been the "Pillars" of the Kollel since its establishment, and teach there every Wednesday. They thanked the rest of the Kollel scholars as well.

The Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau, who was also among the rabbis who taught at the Kollel during its first years, praised the fact that the pensioners chose to dedicate their time to Torah study with vigor and enthusiasm.


Also present at the event were the Rabbis of Modi'in, Rabbi Elharar and Rabbi Chikotai.

The Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Shenvald, spoke about the vision of establishing the Yeshiva in Modi'in and the vision of establishing the Kollel. And the great merit that the Yeshiva's Beit Midrash, is the main Beit Midrash for various religious and secular groups, older as well as younger, and is the unifying factor in the city.

Modi'in's Mayor, Mr. Haim Bibas, mentioned the activities of the Yeshiva in the city and spiced his words up, with some remarks from Parshat Hashavua.

The Yeshiva student Yedidya Meyuhas, played his organ for the audience.

The gathering marks the end of this current school year.

Next year will resume on the first Wednesday of the month of Elul.

Before the evening ended, Zvi, the Yeshiva's Director and Leah, were thanked for the devoted support and constant help in the overall to the pensioners' programs throughout the years.

This is an opportunity to thank everyone who was a partner in the organization and invite other retirees to join.

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