The National Tanach Quiz competition for Adults from age 18 and up

: This contest was headlined "The Tanach Quiz – 70 Years to the State of Israel."

Thousands of contestants from all parts of Israel participated in the first stages. The Quiz requires extensive knowledge of the Tanach – knowing it in its entirety nearly by heart. This year the contest was national and not worldwide.

Yedidiya won the most points at all stages of the competition.

Yedidiya is a seventh-year student at the Meir Harel Hesder Yeshiva who has served in the IDF, is married and lives in Modiin. He is an active participant in the yeshiva's Garin which contributes to the community in a variety of fields. He recieved a Bachelors degree in Education from the Talpiot Teachers College and has tutored autistic boys in preparation for their Bar Mitzvah which they celebrated at the yeshiva in Modiin.

מיוחס חתן תנך


מיוחס 2

סיום החידון

Photograph by Ariel Samet, graduate of the yeshiva in Modiin.


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