Meir Harel Modi'in Yeshiva
Please help the Yeshiva
Dear friends!
Due to the Corona virus crisis, the Yeshiva had to close its doors.
Our students continue to learn outside the Yeshiva walls.
Students are recruited to fight against the Corona in MDA and volunteer in the community
The Yeshiva is always there to accompany and give support and guidance.
State institutions cut back on their support earlier this year.
There is also a sharp drop in donations from abroad.
However, we continue to provide scholarships for the Yeshiva students,
especially for Passover, and the high rental expenses remain intact.
We need your urgent help!
We appeal to you to help us with as much as each one can,
with a small, large donation to continue our important work!
(Section 46 for tax exemption)
You can make a secure donation using the link:
Overseas donations with a tax refund can be transferred through:
You can contact Mr. Gadi Zadok:
or Leah: 052-8119460
And transfer by bank transfer.
On this occasion, you are invited to sell the chametz through the Yeshiva website:
Wishing you a happy Passover.
Rabbi Eliezer Shenvald
Head of the Meir Harel Modiin Yeshiva


Watch Rabbi Shenvald's sermon for Sabbath Hagadol

Subject: Passover, Matzah & Marror Laws -

Moving from Crisis to Growth and Redemption. 

Shabat Hagadol Drasha Facebook

Shabat Hagadol Drasha w/o facebook

Pictured is a military paramedic from the Yeshiva in an ambulance with Corona patients this week

A true story of "Kindness cycle".
The Rosh Yeshiva's father, Rabbi Moshe Shenvald - a Holocaust survivor and a bereaved father.
Turned 95 last week (to a hundred and twenty).
Two weeks ago, he fell and broke his hip.
He was admitted to the Shaare Zedek hospital in Jerusalem.
Today he was transported for rehabilitation by an MDA ambulance booked by the hospital.
When the paramedic arrived to bring him to the ambulance,
surprisingly it was a Yeshiva student - volunteer paramedic who got married a month ago ....
and still finds time to volunteer.
The Rosh Yeshiva held his wedding ceremony!
The excitement was great. As you can see in the picture….

A circle of kindness that closes. A True Chassidic story.

Corona Wedding in the garden.
Congratulations to our dear student Ori Polovin and Nechama on their marriage.
Although the plans were different ....
but because of the corona virus,
the wedding took place in the courtyard of the family home in Modiin
with a small quorum of family members and other friends and relatives spread out on the balconies and courtyards nearby,
strictly adhering to regulations and keeping distance from each other.
Paradoxically, it is precisely this kind of small weddings that brings back the focus on the groom and bride and their joy.
Ori will continue his studies at the Yeshiva , and Nechama will continue with her degree studies.
In attendance were the Rosh Yeshiva and Rabbi Shachar Kihan.

The Rosh Yeshiva led the wedding ceremony and congratulated and blessed the couple on behalf of the entire Yeshiva.

The Yeshiva students dedicate their time to save lives.
The Corona War continues
Our Yeshiva students, who had to finish classes prematurely,
continue to be on the front line of the Corona war.
This week, were recruited the Armored and Golani Corps despite the Corona.
The students also assist in the difficult effort facing the Corona patients.
They drive the patients to the hospitals, carry out tests in the homes,
and even carry out shifts at MDA's national control center fighting in Corona.
The special situation raises rare moral and religious questions on weekdays and Shabatot.

Students are in continuous contact with the Rosh Yeshiva and the Yeshiva Rabbis

to consult and receive reinforcements.

We are proud of them. 

Pictured: A student sitting on duty at the Corona National War Center 
Help the Yeshiva's Recruits and new recruits 
During this period, state budgets were greatly cut.
Unfortunately, the fundraising trip planned this week has been postponed for now.
The Corona crisis has put people off unemployment,
due to a number of sectors in the economy that cannot function,
and as a result, we fear that parents who are in borderline financial condition
will find it difficult to participate in payment for their son's studies.
We ask you to help us! Make a small donation to continue our important work!
You can make a secure donation using the link:
Overseas donations with a tax refund can be transferred through:
Or contact the Yeshiva manager
Mr. Gadi Zadok: 050-668-5975
or Leah: 052-8119460
Pictured: Students from different clases meet at the entrance to another vigil at MDA station in Jerusalem.
Among the largest and busiest in the country.
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