The Yeshiva mourns the passing of Rabbi Elisha Vishlitzky zt "l.
A day after the Yeshiva held a special prayer for his healing.
Rabbi Elisha zt "l was a partner in the Yeshiva building in Ofakim and would come every week to teach at the Yeshiva.
And he was an example of humility and devotion.
In a video filmed the last time he arrived at the Yeshiva before his condition deteriorated, he said:
"Shalom to those who are interested in searching for a place to learn, a place of truth, of honesty, a place with Torah scholars and there is love for the Land of Israel.
It's true that these concepts are flawed today, and are connected to many places.
A place like Ofakim, a natural city like Ofakim, just the center of the country, unlike the periphery of Tel Aviv - is a natural place to grow out of natural dimensions, out of national responsibility, from a Torah that connects the individual's self with his duties."
I do not know what someone little as me can add, but it's definitely a call to come and get an impression of this spirit and determine where you belong.
And it is permissible for a small man to pray that Hashem will enlighten you with the right decision, the proper application and growth. To grow as part of an entire generation - dedicated, idealistic, contributing and living a true life full of Torah.
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