Our Yeshiva students vaccinated against the Corona virus another 2,500 people this week
most of them nursing homes' residents in Yavne,
Rishon Lezion, Rehovot, Givat Brenner, Modi'in, and Kfar Ben Shemen.
In total so far about 10,000 vaccines.
We are full of admiration for the perseverance of the students
that even after a month they continue in this sacred work
alongside their studying in the Yeshiva.
It is a great privilege for us to be partners
and take a significant part in one of the largest campaigns
where the State of Israel leads in the world.
This campaign reflects the mutual responsibility
of the Israeli people and the State of Israel.

We thank G-d for granting us to be in this 'Campaign'

between the 'fighters' at the front, who are fighting to defeat the virus.

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