The political turmoil in the national religious public did not miss our Yeshiva
Rabbi Shenvald was involved in efforts to unite the ranks of the religious public.
The Rabbi believes that there is an ideological value in unifying all the shades of the religious public into one party.
He also believes that this is also a practical advantage, since without uniting the various factions,
the percentage of blocking can not be exceeded.
During the week, Minister Bezalel Smutrich visited the Yeshiva.

On Tuesday, 12th graders from the Lapid Yeshiva High School were hosted at the Yeshiva for a day of study and familiarity.

During the day, they studied in Chavrutot with the Yeshiva students,

and met with the Yeshiva Rabbis.

They also met Yeshiva students who are Modi'in residents.

The visit was designed to show the city students they have a great opportunity to attend our Yeshiva.


Many times students prefer to move away from the city where they live, thinking that it will be difficult for them to study at their place of residence.

During the day, they learned about the Yeshiva's special way of studying the Torah,

and the benefits the Yeshiva has that should not be given up;

the possibilities the Yeshiva opens for them,

combining Torah study and military service,

and accompanied during their army service by the Yeshiva staff.

As well as the possibility of continuing Teaching courses and Rabbinic studies.

At the end of the day, the students met Ehud Yaffe, a Yeshiva student from Modi'in.

And told them about his special military service thanks to the special route of the Yeshiva.



On Saturday night, Parshat Shmot Rabbi Shenvald imparted a class at the Youth Beit Midrash in Rehovot.
In spite of the weather, about forty youngsters gathered in the Beit Midrash
to hear about the Parsha.
Rabbi Shenvald sought to learn from Moshe Rabbeinu's choice of how we should treat leadership and leaders.
Is it the external image that determines or the personality and the character.
Rabbi Shenvald praised the youth for choosing to go out on a rainy Saturday night to study Torah.
"This is not to be taken for granted, he told them 
and you deserve to be appreciated".

Very moving!

A Bar Mitzvah that is also a Pidion HaBen (redemption of the son).

A Bar Mitzvah boy’s parents from a non-religious family, suddenly discovered they were supposed to redeem him when he was 30 days old and did not.

Rabbi Shachar, head of the Yeshiva Beit Midrash and the Rabbi of the neighborhood, told them they can redeem him without delay and suggested the Yeshiva as an option.

Rabbi Barak Epstein who is a Cohen held the redemption.

Yeshiva students helped organize the event and prepared refreshments (pictured).

It was a very touching event.

 לפידיון הבן 2 לפידיון הבן 2


Last Sabbath (Vayehi) we hosted a large group of 12th graders.

In an uplifting Shabbat, connecting us to the Torah and the Yeshiva.

There will be another Shabbat Parashat Veshalach (8/2).

If you are in 12th grade, this is your chance!

(Photos from Havdalah)

הבדלה שבת שבושים 2



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