As the best of the Yeshiva's tradition,

Yeshiva will be hosting for Shabbat our military paramedics from the Yeshiva's special track.

These paramedics will have some time off from the intensive operational work on the ongoing security missions they have been busy with in recent times.

The Shabbat will be used to charge spiritual batteries, with shiurim and nice meals and conversations with the Yeshiva Rabbis.

From this Shabbat they set out to continue their operational activities with fresh forces and full spiritual strenght.

MAZAL TOV  from the Yeshiva family to our dear student Daniel Boulage (Shiur Vav)

on the occasion of his wedding with Uriah Hertz.

Uriah is a graduate of the Modi'in Seminary for girls.

This is the third couple this year that has gotten married out of the Yeshiva and Seminary students!

Daniel will continue his studies in the Yeshiva's Kollel.

We wish Daniel and Uriah Mazal Tov, May they be able to build their home, a house of Torah out of love, brotherhood and peace, and their home will have light inside and out.

The Yeshivat participates in the grief of Mr. Asher Krasna
Member of the Beit Midrash of the Meir Harel Yeshiva
with the passing of his beloved mother Mrs. Hannah Malka (Ann) Krasna
He will be sitting shiva on Nahal Galim Street, Modiin 
Prayer times:
Shacharit  6:30
Mincha    18:30
Arbit        19:15
The teachings of Rabbi Kook Z'l live within us.
For a number of years, every Monday night, a wonderful bunch of community members from Modi'in
have been gathering at the Yeshiva's community Library named after the late Lt. Col. Avner Goldman,
to study Rabbi Kook's teachings.
This week, we studied a paragraph in Orot, Israel and its Resurrection.
During the discussion, a topical issue was raised, and the question was asked about the relevance of Jabotinsky to his day,
and whether there are any ordinary people today, apart from researchers in the academic world who deal with his teaching (without citing The Iron Wall slogan)?
One of the attendants, A high-tech man,  asked about the relevance tous of the late Rabbi Kook, to the present day ?
I told him that at this very moment we are sitting, late in the night, in Modiin, there are many, all over the country,
and throughout the world, who are engaged in the teachings of Rabbi Kook, eighty-four years after his passing.
Today, at his remembrance on Gimel Elul, at the Yeshiva, I told the students that a few years ago, a Yeshiva student asked me:
Where can he see Rabbi Kook's teachings, today, after so many years?
I said to him (in all seriousness): Look in the mirror!
What you will see there is an expression of Rabbi Kook's teachings.
Because if it wasn't for Rabbi Kook's appearance and his influence on our spiritual world,
you would have probably seen a different look.
As a Yeshiva boy, the appearance may have been more like the appearance of an ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva boy,
and as a military officer, you might have seen the appearance of a working settler.
His appearance as a Yeshiva member who served in the army is an expression of the wonderful combination
of the Israeli Beit Midrash that would not have existed had it not been for Rabbi Kook's work.
The Yeshiva student from our paramedics track in a leading role in the Hezbollah scam
IDF spokesman revealed big fraud this week against Hezbollah.
On the day of the evacuation of the wounded from the Rambam hospital by an IDF helicopter.
On Sunday, it became clear that the "injured" evacuated from the incident to Rambam Hospital
"was a pre-planned psychological exercise and fraud.
The soldiers were painted blood-colored and even swathed in bandages,
they were taken off the helicopter in a stretcher in a dramatic look reserved for wars and military operations.
The soldiers were released from the hospital.
The goal was to deceive Hezbollah who thought they had harmed IDF soldiers and put them in a ridiculous position.
The one who acted in the big scam this week on the northern border was one of our Yeshiva students graduating from our paramedics track.
For obvious reasons, his name cannot be mentioned.
We have been privileged to be part of this through the route we lead together with the IDF and MDA,
which trains paramedics and civilians to save civilians' lives and in the IDF.
And partners in operational defense activities.
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