This music can't be stopped
And neither can the special experience of going to Jerusalem.
On Thursday, we embarked on a Bar Mitzvah - Shahak L'Bnei Mitzvah program - from Modi'in to Jerusalem.
We took two buses.
Full of non-religious boys from the Bar Mitzvah program and their families.
According to all the rules and limitations of the Corona virus.
We gathered at the municipal amphitheater
took pictures and
from there we went on a tour to the Western Wall
where the boys and their fathers put on the Tefillin together.

After this very emotive moment for everyone, there was the Bar Mitzvah party in the Old City Hall.

Torah that brings hearts together and connects Modi'in to Jerusalem.

בר מצווה 7.2020בר מצווה 7.2020


Last Shabbat we held a Shabbat in the settlement of Neria in the Benjamin region.

The Sabbath was intended to bring together Yeshiva students, Rabbis,

as well as to strengthen the relationship with the new atendees

who are scheduled to join the Yeshiva next year.

During the Sabbath, we also held special activities

with the youth of the Neriah community,

which has been going on for several years.



The relationship with the alumni is important for the graduates

and important for the Yeshiva.

As a family Yeshiva, every time alumni come to visit,

it is wonderful,

but when they come to visit with their children,

they joy is doubled!

This week we had a visit from a couple of graduates

who were on vacation

and on the way

visited the Yeshiva with their wives and children!

So much excitement and joy !

This week we finished the pensioners' program for this school year.

Since the end of the month of Adar,

the Kollel has gone digital and the classes are given by zoom.

Approximately 70 participants from the Pensioners Kollel took classes every week.

We diversified the lessons and allowed the participants to have dialogues about the different topics.

Despite the fears we had this year,

the participants felt a great sense of success and satisfaction,

and we hope to be able to get together again next year. 


Bar Mitzvah in the shadow of the Corona virus

In light of the relief of the Corona guidelines,

we have renewed the Bar-Mitzvot for boys from the non-religious public.

The Torah readings are held in the Yeshiva's courtyard according to the Ministry of Health's guidelines

and the Ministry of Religious Services which allows guests to join in

and participate in the exciting event.

Pictured is a Bar Mitzvah event this week at the Yeshiva.


בר מצווה 6.2020 3בר מצווה 6.2020 3

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