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On Shabbat Vayakhel - Pekudei
we will organize a special Shabbat for the Yeshiva students
It will be the top Shabbat to recap the intensive learning of Winter Zman.
This Sabbath we are also inviting the group of new-comers who will begin studying next year,
There will be special classes with the Rabbaim and Avrechim,
on top of special Tfilot and great meals,
we will have a panel and discussions on the fulfillment of the Yeshiva goals,
and plans for the future.

For details: Ishai - 050-4244077


Yeshiva students were the guides in the Har Shoshanim race on Friday (14/2),
an extraordinary commemorative enterprise in the area of ​​heritage and knowledge of the country
for Lieutenant Yoav Har Shoshanim,
who fell in Lebanon 26 years ago. 
The race is held once a year close to the day of his falling, in Neot Kdumim.
About 10,000 people attend.
It has a navigation race in it.
A path in the Reserve with explanation stations.
Yeshiva students teach to groups at the station of Jewish heritage.
Every year, the Ministry of Education changes the subject of the race .
The signs are prepared by the Yeshiva.
And the students guide the groups at each of the 3 positions designed to accommodate multiple groups at the same time.
This year the theme was "a mission".

הר שושנים 2020 2

Mazal Tov to Benji Nachshon (Shiur Hei) and his new bride Rivka Burg

as they got married this past Tuesday.

Benji came from London and now serves as an intelligence officer

Rivka immigrated from the US with her family.

The were joined by family members from abroad

The Yeshiva students brought the two great joy, together with the families who came to rejoice with them.

We pray to Hashem for them to have a wonderful and successful marriage!

Organ donation in the outpatient outline.

The death of one family member is an unfortunate and traumatic event.

In recent years, many Rabbis have encouraged organ donation from the deceased to save the lives of patients awaiting transplantation.

Unfortunately, in the past year, the volume of patients awaiting transplant has grown.

To a peak of three years.

About six months ago, we began organizing and promoting organ donation awareness from donors

who died outside the hospital, in accidents or other traumatic events.

The move began with the research work prepared by Shiur Vav Yeshiva student Gilad Admon, a senior medic.

This week we held a meeting with Dr. Tamar Ashkenazi, head of the National Transplant System.

At the meeting, ways to promote and create this were discussed, for optimal collaboration between all the related entities.

"anyone who saves a life is as if he saved an entire world".

During each cycle of the Bar Mitzvah program,

we hold a workshop for students and parents with a Scribe, who teaches them how to write the Torah, Mezuzah and Tefillin.

This is an impressive experiential workshop for the boys.

At the end of the workshop, each child writes his name on a large card, and the Scribe frames it for them.

To remember the special experiences of their Bar Mitzvah preparations.

ii סדנא סתם 2.2020


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