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 אמנון ליפקין שחק 2021
As every year, a memorial service was held this week
for Lt. Col. Amnon Lipkin-Shachak at our Beit Midrash.
Yeshiva's dear friend,
whose memory and heritage are part of the Beit Midrash.
Respected with their presence:
*Rabbi Chikotai - Rabbi of Modi'in 
*Tali Lipkin-Shachak and the boys
*Shlomo Fassi - Deputy Mayor Brigadier General 
*Yehuda Duvdevani -Brigadier General 
*Haim Tzemach - Lt. Gen. (Res.) Chairman of Yad LaBanim
 *Shuli Mualem - Former MK 
 *Beni Strauss and representatives of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation
     leading the national project "Shachak Le'Bnei Mitzvah"
 *Chico Reuben - Yeshiva friend
 *Zvi Zelser, former Yeshiva director and member of the Board
 *Yeshiva Rabbis, and students
To watch the memorial service class given by the Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Shenvald


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