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Kaparot 5782
In anticipation of Yom Kippur, 
The Yeshiva family asks from our friends to dedicate the Kaparot to the Yeshiva:
📖 To strengthen Torah study and the Yeshiva students.
👨🏻‍🎨 To raise the future leadership generation of the people of Israel.
🇮🇱 To continue the Yeshiva's important activity with the non-religious youth in the Bar Mitzvah program.
🕍 In Torah lessons throughout the city.
💉 Assisting in the national effort against the Corona virus. 🩺
Donations can be transferred easily and conveniently 💰:
1) By the secure link (by credit card): https://bit.ly/2kTX1xv
2) in bit. 📱 In the link:
3) By bank transfer to the Yeshiva account:
 Mizrahi Bank (20), Modiin Branch 521 Account No. 137260 named after Meir and Harel Modiin Community Center
 For donations from abroad https://www.trumot.net/Forms.aspx?cr=114
4) In a phone call ☎️ to Leah: 0528119460
Donations are recognized for tax in Israel (Form 46) and abroad

You can also donate from Ma'aser

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