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 לקראת יוכ תשפב
Shabbat Teshuvah and preparations for Yom Kippur
This coming Shabbat Teshuvah we will hold a number of activities in preparation for Yom Kippur.
The Rosh Yeshiva will deliver a Shabbat Teshuvah sermon
to one of the congregations on Shabbat evening
and a Shabbat Teshuvah sermon to the Yeshiva students on Shabbat afternoon.
On Yom Kippur, there will be a Yeshiva prayer that also attracts people from outside the Yeshiva
who want to enjoy the prayer atmosphere of the Beit Midrash.
Some of the Yeshiva students went out to pray at IDF bases.

And preparations in another area, unique to our Yeshiva:

As every year, medics and paramedics will also be on call

to go out and treat urgent medical cases on Yom Kippur.

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