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National Yerushalmi Shabbat - Shabbat Ki Tavoh 5781
Rosh Yeshivat 'Meir Harel' Modi'in, Rabbi Shenvald's Shiurim 
On The Jerusalem Talmud in Modi'in -
The study is dedicated for the well being of the border officer: Barel Achia Hadaria Shmueli (Nitza and Yossi's son)
Lessons Rabbi Shenvald will give on the subject of the Jerusalem Talmud in Modi'in
Wednesday - 11:00 Lesson for the Beit Midrash for retirees:
Duty to save lives according to the Jerusalemite
You can watch the zoom at the link:
Wednesday - 20:30 Joint study in the Yeshiva's Beit Midrash:
The vision of the late Rabbi Kook on studying the Jerusalem Talmud
Thursday - 12:00 General lesson for Yeshiva students
Yom Kippur fasting fences on Jerusalem issues
You can watch the zoom at the link:
Thursday evening at 20:30 Lesson on the subject:
'Paths in Yeshiva Studies' - the study of the Gemara in the Torah of Israel method  
You can watch the zoom at the link:
Friday night - between Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma'ariv - a lesson in the Shimshoni community
The "covenant" then and today in the Jerusalem Midrash
Shabbat morning - Shacharit - lesson in the Hodaya community - Givat C
The Jerusalem Talmud as a basis for relevant study in our generation
Saturday afternoon - between Mincha and Ma'ariv - Hoshen Modi'in - Kaiser community
Complexity of the Torah laws and the controversies "to begin with" - according to the Jerusalemite
Saturday night - 22:30 before Slichot - Lev Achim community - Buchman
Lesson before Slichot:
'Slichot' - what's between 'Opinion and Answer' and 'Redemption' - Jerusalem Slichot

You are invited to share and be blessed with the teachings of the Jerusalem Talmud

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