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 מסכות בערב סיום שנה תשפא
Completion of Tractates at the end of the year 
On Thursday evening, a year-end event was held at the Yeshiva.
The event was attended by the students,
their parents, and the Rabbis.
This evening is a long-standing tradition:
to make a Siyum together with the parents at the end of the learning year.
The prophet Jeremiah says that one of the reasons for the destruction was leaving the Torah
Hashem replied: Because they forsook the Teaching I had set before them.
(Jeremiah 9:11).
And we took it upon ourselves to make a correction by completing a tractate.
At the beginning of the evening we held a parent-son study,
and then a speach of the Rosh Yeshiva,
and immediately afterwards exciting tractate endings.
In the picture the public is standing during the Kaddish after the Siyum
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