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 מודעין לתורה תשפא

At the end of a challenging year, as every year,

a new collection of articles "Modi'in LaTorah" is published,

articles written by the Rabbis and students of our Beit Midrash.

Issues that we have discussed in our Beit Midrash,

which seek to make 'Torah awareness' and restore the Hasmonean heritage to its former glory.

Although we went through a year of Corona pandemic
that required us to adhere to restrictions and study in capsules.
We were privileged to study diligently and continuously without having to close the Yeshiva.
And we see the results of our hard work during the year.
In analyzing the halakhic issues we dealt with and especially the issues we were required to address following the Corona plague.

A perusal of the article file allows the reader to feel the special 'vibe' of our Beit Midrash.

A vibrant and relevant Eretz Israeli Beit Midrash that combines old and new 'If you hear old you will hear new'.

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