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 התנדבות יוני 2021
Volunteering-day for the Bar Mitzvah program

The Bar Mitzvah program 'Shachak L'Bnei Mitzvah' has a great reputation in Modiin.

In each cycle, the boys participate in group activities in which they learn the basics of Judaism

in preparation for their Bar Mitzvah.

Each one receives a personal tutor from among the Yeshiva students

who prepares them for the reading of the Torah, putting on their Tefillin

and getting acquainted with the prayers and the Siddur. 

In each cycle there is also an evening where the boys go out with the tutors

to volunteer at a soup-kitchen in Jerusalem.

For some of them, this is the first time in their lives,

the see first hand the plight of elderly people

and prepare food packages for them in preparation for Shabbat.

This week, the boys of the third cycle of the year went out to volunteer with their tutors Shai, Roi and Binyamin

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