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 שפירר סיום
We continue making Siyum Masechtot
There is a special joy for those who finish a Masechet.
When the Siyum takes place in the Yeshiva the joy is much greater.
And when it is the Shiur Alef students who make the Siyum, it's even more
as they had little exposure the Gemara studying back in Yeshiva High School.

The Yeshiva encourages students to complete Tractates

and invest in as much as possible.

Baruch Hashem, every few weeks we are blessed with one of the students or a Chavruta who complete a Treatise.

Then it is a special celebration not only for the one who finished

but also for the other students and the Yeshiva Rabbis.

This week we merited to participate in Shai's Siyum (picture)

who has already finished four Tractates this year.

We wished him he should merit to complete many more Masachtot!

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