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 כנסת דוסא בלוד
Strengthening the Lod residents 
On Sunday, Rabbi Shenvald went to strengthen the Rabbis in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood of Lod.
And paid a visit to the Dosa Synagogue that was set on fire during the riots and disturbances in the city and has since been renovated.
During the visit, a meeting was held with the local Rabbi and Rabbi Samet, the city of Lod's Rabbi.
They spoke about life in Lod before and after the riots.
Rabbi Shenvald, met with the Yeshiva alumni representatives
who live in the neighborhood.
And together discussed ways to strengthen the settlers and their security.

In the photo, Rabbi Shenvald and the Garin Rabbis at Dosa Synagogue this week in Lod.

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